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The Top Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Clothes

Dry Clean Clothes
That tiny little tag on the inside of your shirt, pants, coat, or dress that reads "Dry Clean Only" means business. Even though it's tempting to ignore the washing instructions, think of the tag as a warning. Saving money on dry cleaning costs isn't worth ruining your delicate or dressy wardrobe pieces.
Along with your "Dry Clean Only" laundry, you may also have iffy items that could go either way - in the washer or sent to the dry cleaners. Whether you're looking to save money on laundry-related costs or you're just not sure if your sweater needs a professional wash, take a look at some of the top benefits that dry cleaning offers.
Shrinkage Prevention
There are several different reasons why clothes may shrink. Your clothes don't just magically get smaller the moment you toss them into the washer or dryer. Some fabrics tend to shrink more easily than others. Then there are your washing practices. Hot water and the high drying heat can also cause delicate items to get smaller and smaller.
Choosing the wrong wash cycle (with too much agitation) or drying pieces that are made from delicate linen, cotton, or wool fibers again and again can shrink your clothes. Instead of ruining your wardrobe, or taking chances with some of your favorite items, a dry cleaner can properly handle your clothes. This means a reduced risk of shrinkage that leads to a better fit and a longer fabric lifespan.
Stain Removal
DIY stain-removing hacks, tips, and tricks may seem easy, but they often don't truly remove the offending area. A splash of seltzer or a rinse with vinegar may look surprisingly simple on a YouTube video, but in reality, the correct method of stain removal needs to match whatever made the mess as well as the fabric you're trying to clean.
Dry cleaning professionals have expert knowledge and years of experience working with stains. Whether there's a red wine spot on your light-colored sweater, sweat stains on your work shirts, or any other mess that makes you wonder if you should trash the item, you need help from a pro. Washing the stained item on your own may set the stain, making it cling for good.
Delicate Handling
The fibers of your "Dry Clean Only" clothes aren't made for the heavy-duty agitation cycle of your largecapacity washer. They also aren't made for the hour-long dryer session you have in store for them. Silk, wool, rayon, and some cotton items may require dry cleaning to keep their structure intact.
Along with the type of material the item is made from, adornments (such as a lace trim or buttons) can fall off, tear, or sustain damage in the washing machine and dryer. The dry cleaner knows how to appropriately care for both delicate fabrics and delicate embellishments. This can save you money in repair costs or simply save your clothes.
Complete Care
Your time is precious. Even though putting a load of laundry in the washer and transferring it to the dryer isn't exactly a time-exhaustive pursuit, adding starch, fabric softener, ironing, folding, and storing your clothes can all cut in to your daily schedule.
The dry cleaner is a one-stop shop. All you need to do is drop your laundry off, and they do the rest for you. From washing your delicate dresses to pressing and preserving vintage pieces, the pros will take care of every part of the cleaning process - from start to finish.
If you don't have plans to wear your just-washed wardrobe right away, the dry cleaner may even be able to help with storage.
Do you need a dry cleaner to care for your delicate laundry? Contact us at Crystal Cleaning Center for more information.