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Restore and Sell Your Thrifted Clothes

Thinking about making a few bucks from unwanted apparel in your closet or from a thrift store? You can find potential revenues in restoring good, used clothing, and selling it far and wide. Before you begin to sell your goods, consider ways to restore and refresh your items to ensure buyers are satisfied and that you see a profit after the sale.

Use Dry Cleaning

Invest in dry cleaning for garments that you plan to resell - especially if you have concerns about the fabric. The crisp, fresh presentation of your goods when they come back from the cleaners could enhance the price and customer satisfaction. Talk to your cleaner about any other services that they may provide, like alterations or sewing repairs, in case you need to utilize these for other thrifted items.

Make Repairs

Try to repair any damage that the item may have before advertising, posting, or listing it for sale. While you might find a market for brand-name items with slight flaws, having the damage professionally repaired could create a better profit margin. If you have the sewing expertise, this might be something that you can easily do to enhance your price.

Get Simple Updates

Sometimes simple updates can make a significant difference in how appealing and valuable a piece is. Consider swapping buttons or accents to make a piece more current and sellable. You can find some easy ways to modernize vintage clothing, like altering hemlines, to make the garment more-current and appealing to a wider range of buyers.  

Find Storage

Any time that you are reselling items from home, store your items in a spot where they won't be exposed to smoke, pet hair, or odors that could impact their condition. Some buyers could be sensitive to smells - even if you don't notice. Play it safe by storing your sellable items and clothing smartly.

Try Local Sales

When it comes to reselling clothing online, shipping can be a deterrent to potential buyers. Take advantage of local yard-sale sites and selling platforms to allow for local pick-up and to save money on shipping costs, which can significantly impact your sales. You may notice a spike in your small-ticket items when buyers can meet you and make the purchase without the added cost of shipping.

Check Your Wares

If you resell apparel and accessories, give each item a final examination before selling it to a customer. You never know what could be in a pocket, compartment, or purse. You may have heard stories of people finding money, jewelry, and other treasures in old or thrifted clothing. Plus, this gives you an extra chance to try the zippers and buttons to detect any potential issue.

Use Selling Sites

Use a seller's platform for high-end or brand-name garments that can fetch a decent price when authenticated. The commission they take should still leave a profit that makes it a worthwhile piece to restore and sell. Furthermore, many of these sites deal with elements like returns, payment processing, and buyer disputes on the seller's behalf.

If you thrift and buy used goods to resell, check items carefully before buying. While damage doesn't negate a possible purchase, it may not be worth taking the time to restore to resell the items later.

Got some apparel that you want to resell? Use these tips to restore and resell items that you find thrifting - or hanging in your own closet! Treat special clothing with dry cleaning, alterations, and basic repairs to attract buyers to your products and to fetch the best possible price for each item. Visit and talk to the professionals at Crystal Cleaning Center to ensure your goods look their best before they head home with a buyer.