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Cleaning And Care Tips For Your Custom-Tailored Suit

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One of your most prized possessions is your custom-tailored suit. You can wear your suit to a variety of events: weddings, business events, and other special occasions.
Keeping your suit in prime condition is important for two reasons: you've spent a lot of money on having your attire designed to fit your body, and you have a personal interest in always looking sharp when you put your tailored suit on. Here are cleaning and care tips you can use to keep your custom-tailored suit in excellent condition for as long as you own it.

Dry Clean Only

Whether you wear your suit on a regular basis or only a few times a year, you should only clean your suit by having it professionally dry cleaned. Signs your suit needs to be professionally cleaned include:
  • Wrinkling
  • Odors
  • Stains
  • Hair/debris
  • Dust
Suits come in a variety of materials, with wool being among the most common. Your dry cleaning specialist will professionally remove stains and smooth pills and wrinkles, air out dust and other particles, and keep your suit in beautiful condition. Only have your suit dry cleaned when it is showing signs of wear; having your suit professionally cleaned every time you wear it can cause it to lose its shape.
Never place your custom suit in the washing machine, as the constant rotation of even a gentle cycle can cause your tailored suit to lose its shape. If you must remove wrinkles quickly, place your suit in the bathroom on a wooden hanger on a towel rack or over the door, then turn your shower on the highest heat setting. The steam will help pull out the wrinkles without damaging your suit.

Attend to Damage Rapidly

Even if you only rarely wear your custom-tailored suit, signs of wear and tear is bound to happen on your clothing. Buttons can come loose, seams can begin to pull away or small strings can become visible.
Your dry cleaning specialist can inspect your suit for any signs of damage to the inner lining or exterior construction of the material and make small repairs as needed. Never attempt to repair your suit on your own, rather, allow a professional tailor or dry cleaning specialist to reconstruct your suit for you to keep it in lasting condition.

Hang Your Suit Right

A custom-tailored suit should always be hung on a wooden hanger to prevent pulls and dents in your clothing. If you can, place your suit in a garment bag when not in use to protect the garment from sunlight, debris, odors, and dust.
Rotate your suit often, readjusting the crease in the shoulders due to the hanger by turning your suit another direction. Store your suit in the back of your closet where it is least likely to be disturbed when you are not wearing it.
Your dry cleaning specialist will inform you how often you should have your suit dry cleaned based on its material's composition and how often you wear it (in addition to what you wear your suit for). If you have concerns over caring for your suit at home, your dry cleaner may be able to store your garment for you for a small fee.
Caring for your custom-tailored suit can allow you to own it for many years. The right care and cleaning techniques can allow your garment to keep its shape and luster longer. For all your dry cleaning needs, from precious tablecloths to wedding dresses, allow our staff at Crystal Cleaning Center to assist you. We care for a variety of fabrics and fine linens and can help you keep your suit in beautiful condition.